Board - Andrea's Hope Foundation

Bart Harris - President

Bart Harris majored in Psychology and English in college but did not receive his degree. Photography was his chosen field as a teenager and he used three years of college to get a more rounded education while pursuing photography on his own by taking photographs, working for several magazines and freelancing for advertising agencies. Bart is self-taught as a photographer but worked for three highly visible studios until the age of twenty three when he started his own photography studio as a fashion photographer and a humor-centered advertising photographer. His accomplishments piled on at an early age and Bart produce a dozen television commercials a year from 1970 until 1980, as a cameraman/director. He has Clios, Chicago Film Festival awards and nearly 100 other photography awards received over more then fifty years in "The Business" of advertising photography.

Joel Harris - Secretary

Although Joel grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, he has always considered himself a Chicagoan. Shortly after receiving his undergraduate degree in psychology from Loyola University Chicago, Joel was hired as Special Facilities Supervisor at the Park District of Highland Park where he met his wife, Amy, 20+ years ago. While the Park District was putting the final touches on a newly built state-of-the-art aqua park, Joel helped hire and manage a 75 person staff. He then transitioned into residential real estate sales throughout the Chicagoland area, where he received multiple sales awards. After a four year stint with Coldwell Banker, Joel decided to make another career move which landed him with State Farm, as an insurance consultant. After gaining fourteen years of personal lines experience with State Farm, Joel successfully transitioned to the brokerage side of insurance in 2017, where he is an insurance agent for TrueNorth Companies.

Aaron Harris - Board Member

Aaron Harris is a resident of Micanopy, Florida and Owner of My Hometown Agency, a full service Insurance agency in Ocala Florida. He grew up in Glencoe, Illinois, twenty miles north of Chicago, where he attended New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois. Aaron had several jobs between high school and attending the University of Toledo College of Engineering where he considered a career in the auto industry. Two years after returning to the Chicago area, he accepted a job in insurance sales and customer service working for a State Farm Insurance agency located near his parents home in the Chicago suburbs. Aaron has more then twenty years experience working with a variety of insurance lines while working for four different insurance companies. His many years of experience led to Aaron recently opening the doors of his own insurance agency in Ocala.